I like to have complete control over the image of my work, so I decided to paint my own book cover. I painted it in acrylic on a 3.5’x5′ canvas. I consider it one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life, as I was never quite happy enough with it to stop making it better. I finally took my high school art teacher’s advice and just left it alone. And then came the construction of the trade paperback cover. Endless tweaks went into the fonts and other elements that culminated in this:

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I like to paint subjects that could never be real.  Below is a series of portraits of baristas, transformed into the fantasy creatures that fit them best.

Besides painting, I also make jewelry.  Below are some examples of the work I’ve completed in my MetalCraft class.

If you would like to commission me to paint something for you, either on canvas with acrylic paint or digitally in Affinity Photo, fill out the contact form below.  I will let you know my rates and whether I can fulfill your particular request.  If you have a jewelry request, I’ll let you know whether it’s something I can manage.

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