Fan Art

Some of the art I will list on this page has been produced by friends at my request. Others were volunteered. I welcome any new additions to my collection! (click on image for full size)

Prince Edwah by Jennifer (HoneyDrop on Tictail or @calenthee on twitter). A dear friend from high school and before, I commissioned her for an original design for my prequel.

Haylee and Cobalt by Jonathan (JonathanArmes on DeviantArt). I met him at Preservation Coffee & Tea, and his ability to dream up character designs astounded me. I commissioned him to draw up some of my characters.

Spahdah by Jonathan Armes (JonathanArmes on DeviantArt).


View of Landscape from Land Dragon Mountain by Tyler Abshier. I also met him at Preservation Coffee & Tea. Click here to visit his website to see his photo-realistic oil paintings.

More art to come! I just need to scan and upload them.

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