I have written many stories over the years.  Most of them are incomplete, some consisting of no more than a few pages.  Unfinished stories are opportunities to see how far I have come.  They are also treasure chests of ideas waiting to be built upon.  Here are the titles of most of the stories I’ve started:

The Deserted House of Crows (2000) (illustrated and complete short story)

The Isle of Unicorns (2000)

The Tower of Murmurs (2000)

The Lonely Unicorn (2001)

Armarra (2002)

Talia and Kaelem (2004)

The Silvboq Legacy (2005)

Fairy Tale Land (2005)

Sci-Fi Romance (2005)

Laurel Meets Prince (2005)

The Scarf (2005)

Robot Elf Mermaid (2005)

Sparrow Love (2005-2012)

Rose the Chicken (2006)

Stone Tables (2006)

Walking the Keyboard (2006)

The Human Genome Project (2006)

Fairy Slavery Spells of Vengeance (2006)

Prince Edwah and the Missing Initiates” (2015-2017) (The fairy tale frequently referenced in Haylee own Kahnuh and the Sage of Land Dragon Mountain; sign up for my mailing list for your free copy!)

Haylee own Kahnuh and the Sage of Land Dragon Mountain (originally titled A Child’s Loss, a Parent’s Gain) (2013-2017) Click on title for excerpt. Published on Amazon. (click here for color map; trade paperback contains black & white version)

Haylee’s Book II (2014) (first draft)

The Ghost and the Serpent (2014) (first draft)

Emily’s Book (2014) (first draft)

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