Windee’s Song

I recorded this song in 2016, during one of the rounds of editing Haylee’s book underwent. The melody came to me and I sang it. It’s quiet, the way I do most of my singing (I’m actually quite shy), but with volume adjusters you should be able to hear it adequately.

The story behind the song? The angel, Windee, was kicked out of heaven for abandoning her mission to save people so she could marry a man and start her own family. She abandoned her immortality and took on a mortal life. To punish her, The Creator stripped Windee of her voice. Though she never regretted her choice, she did miss her friend back home in Spirit Haven. This song is an excerpt of their conversation.

The lyrics are a little different from what made it into the book, which is:

I’ve missed you my friend,
Long have you been gone.
‘Tis lonely without you.
What took you so long?

I fell for a man,
And wanted a family.
Over Her, I chose them,
And broke all the rules.

You cannot come back,
She said so Herself!

But I just want you,
My sister and friend.

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